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Suffering, Sorrow and Mourning


Christadelphian Spiritual Health Links

If God exists why does He allow suffering? - an excellent article on the Unfailling Love website.


Spiritual Health Links (non-Christadelphian)

Shame - Brief but well-written page on Toxic Shame, it's source and effect:

"Guilt is feeling bad about one's behavior or performance. Shame is feeling bad about one's very being, one's sense of self. It's not "my actions were bad" it's "I'm bad." Guilt allows us to change our behavior, shame takes us more deeply into feelings of worthlessness or despair and is generally immobilizing."

Bullying and Spirituality - a good, thought-provoking article by BALMNET - Bullied & Abused Lives in Ministry - A Christian Support Group for Damaged Ministers, International and Inter-Denominational:

"... something ... that crosses the denominational boundaries ... is a near-universal misunderstanding of the nature of psychiatric illnesses and injuries. All too often wounded Christians are further hurt as churches force on them spiritual diagnoses and spiritual solutions totally inappropriate to the problem."


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