Christadelphian Care


I drew my circle again ...


When I first became a
member of the Ecclesia my circle
was very big...for it included all, who like
myself, believed and had been baptised. I was happy
in this thought, that my Brethren were many... But!! Having
a keen and observant mind, I soon learned that many of my Brethren
were erring. So I thought it not good, to tolerate any within my circle,
except those, who like myself, were right on all points of Doctrine
and Practise. Also some Brethren made mistakes and sinned.
What could I do? I had to do something! So I drew
a circle around me and my true friends,
..and we left all others outside!!

My true friends that I had
included in my new circle were all
as righteous as I....But!! To my great chagrin, I
soon observed that some of those within my circle were
self righteous, proud, jealous, and unforgiving. So in righteous
indignation, I drew another circle around myself, and I left all the
sinners and publicans outside, including all those with liberal
ideas about loving your Brother. My new circle now really
did embrace only those as righteous, and as Christ-
like, and as perfect, and as humble as
I am toward all my fellows.

But.!! I heard some very
ugly rumours about some of my
Brethren. I saw then, that some of them
were very worldly minded. Their thoughts did
seem constantly to be on things of a worldly nature. They
drank coffee, when like me, they should only drink tea. So,
duty bound, and to save my reputation, I had to draw a new
circle around myself. This time, only those who were as
reputable and spirit minded as I were left in. Alas, I
realised that only my family and I remained with-
in my circle. I had a good family, but, to my
surprise, eventually they too were not
good enough to be included
within my circle.

I have never
been a factious man! But
one must be steadfast. So, in
strong determination, I did what
every true Brother of Christ
must do! I drew my circle
again, which left


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