Abuse Issues

There are various Abuse Issues which need to be addressed within our Community. It would be easier and more comfortable to pretend abuse, in all its forms, didn't exist, was a problem found only in Wordly families and organisations. The reality is that abuse does happen - we are a Community bonded together in a common understanding and aim, our faith in Christ and our hope for the Kingdom, but we are still in our imperfect human state, make mistakes, and cause pain to each other. Instead of trying to deny, ignore or erradicate these issues by alienating ourselves from those in pain, let us try to see and understand some of the problems and so learn to minister better unto each other.

The following are different aspects and forms of abuse found within our Community, examples, Scriptural ideals and practical Biblical solutions.

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Other Christian Related Sites

    • Bullying and Spirituality - a good, thought-provoking article by BALMNET - Bullied & Abused Lives in Ministry - A Christian Support Group for Damaged Ministers, International and Inter-Denominational:

      "... something ... that crosses the denominational boundaries ... is a near-universal misunderstanding of the nature of psychiatric illnesses and injuries. All too often wounded Christians are further hurt as churches force on them spiritual diagnoses and spiritual solutions totally inappropriate to the problem."

    • ABC's of abuse - a very thorough list of "Things to watch for" (not a diagnostic tool) which may indicate that abuse is occuring in a child or adult that is unable to care for themselves. Part of the SURVIVORS OF SPIRITUAL ABUSE (SOSA) website.

    • Some Biblical Thoughts on Physical, Sexual, and Verbal Abuse - written by Catherine C. Kroeger, and part of the Christians for Biblical Equality website. A comprehensive list of scriptural verses which address violence and abuse and surrounding issues.

    • A Commentary on Religious Issues in Family Violence - written by Rev. Marie M. Fortune. An in-depth look at some of the issues facing victims of abuse and their Church leaders. Approaches from both Jewish and Christian perspectives. A must-read for anyone concerned with Domestic Abuse from a religious and spiritual angle.


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